Kidsville – August 2015

I’m asked all the time about how I spent my summer.  I think people believe because school is out, that it is a relaxed time. The summer is one of my busiest times.  The hiring of new staff and the setting of curriculum is critical.   We spend time with the adoption of budgets. This year was especially difficult with the legislature not passing a budget in a timely manner.  It is also a time to review curriculum and identify areas that need improvement.

This year, we will be building on the programs from last year. We will continue our recruitment of mentors and coordinating with our partners.  If you are interested in being a mentor, you can find the hyperlink on the Cumberland County Schools’ Website.  We will, once again, partner with United Way and its agencies to help our students pair up with positive role models.  Because I’m identified with mentoring, I hear about many great programs through churches and various agencies that are not a part of United Way. Working cooperatively, we can provide information with the permission of the parent. You would still need a background check to be directly involved at the school site.

This year, we will initiate some additional supporting programs.  The first will be our “Work Perks” programs.  We are committed to encouraging our employees to shop local and our businesses to give discounts to our more than 6300 employees. Our employees are encouraged to shop at cooperative businesses. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact CCS’ Communications Department (910.678.2638) and they will help you.  We will list you on our Intranet Portal and give you a decal to place in your window identifying you as a partner.

We are proud of our military connection and work hard to support the children of the military.  We had a “Convening” on the military child in April.  We looked at our programs and agreed that because of the movement of the military child and other students who reside in our county, we needed to standardize the curriculum and assessments.  We have completed the standardization. If you are registered in our parent portal, we will be able to keep you informed about your child.  The principal at the school can give you a code to access your student’s information.

Finally, we are starting an initiative to encourage parents to get their child to school on time and not check them out early unless there is an emergency. Every day, 808 elementary children on average are late to school. Since we do our literacy early in the day, it means the child misses out on developing reading skills.  When our children don’t develop early literacy, they are more inclined to be a dropout or participate in other negative activities as they grow.  Throughout the year you will hear from us about the importance of being at school on time and not leaving early.   Our motto is “Every Minute Counts! From start to finish, class time matters.  Don’t miss out on your future!”

We are dedicated to your child and look forward to a successful year.

Thank you for your support.




Dr. Frank Till

Published by Laurie Pender on August 1, 2015

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