All Cumberland County Schools follow the North Carolina School Attendance and Student Accountability Guidelines when determining school calendars. Listed below are the calendars that are now available online. Printing these calendars requires Acrobat Reader. 

System Calendars

Central Services Master Calendar

2019-2020 School Calendars (Board Approved 6.11.19; Revised 9.11.19)

2019-2020 Progress Report & Report Card Schedules

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Cumberland County Schools support teaching and learning as a team effort in preparing our children for the future.  Parent involvement is a critical component of student academic achievement and school improvement. The common goal is to establish a collaborative partnership between the home and school to support learning for all students in the public school community.  Decades of research from the National Parent Teacher Association show when parents are involved students have:

  • Higher Grades, Test Scores, And Graduation Rates
  • Better School Attendance
  • Increased Motivation, Better Self-Esteem
  • Lower Rates Of Suspension
  • Decreased Use Of Drugs And Alcohol
  • Fewer Instances Of Violent Behavior

Image of PTA logo with caption underneath of every child. one voice all in black on white backgroundParental Involvement (English)
Parental Involvement (Spanish)

District PTA (Cumberland County)
National PTA
Special Education PTA
State PTA

Stamp image of CCS Community - Volunteer - Services logo in blue on white backgroundServe as a Parent Volunteer

There are numerous opportunities to serve as a parent volunteer in Cumberland County Schools.

  • Assist teachers in the classroom
  • Volunteer in the office, media center, computer lab
  • Volunteer for special programs, field trips, and seasonal events
  • Become a member of the School Angels Watch program to ensure the continued safety of all students and staff and the security of our buildings and facilities.
  • Serve as a career resource or guest speaker
  • Volunteer to assist with coaching, club sponsorships, and extracurricular activities

Contact the school principal or teacher for more information or visit the Community Volunteer Services (CVS) Website.

I;mage of Home Base Parent Portal logo in blue with black letteringEnsure Communication Between Home and School is Regular, Two-Way, and Meaningful

Cumberland County Schools offers a minimum of two formal parent-teacher conference times per year; however, conferences between parents and teachers are encouraged on a regular basis.  Contact your child’s teacher by phone, note or e-mail to request a conference.

The Cumberland County Schools provides links to school websites.

Schools provide newsletters, report cards, progress reports, testing schedules, clubs and activity calendars, etc. on a regular basis. Calendars and Report Card Schedules are available to view and print.

Home Base is a statewide student information system that replaced NC WISE. Home Base Parent Portal offers tools for parents, students, teachers, and administrators.

Group of people at a table engaged listening at Town Hall MeetingParticipate in Parenting Skills and Informational Sessions

Cumberland County Schools provides many opportunities at the individual school sites for parent training and assistance.

Sample skill sessions at the school site include but are not limited to:

  • How to help your child with homework
  • Learning about the curriculum on curriculum nights
  • Dealing with Adolescence Behavior
  • Technology, AR, Study Island, Reading Counts, Scholarship information and other programs parents can access at home

Contact the school principal, School Improvement Team Chairperson or Parent Facilitator for more information.

Assist in Promoting Student Learning and Academic Success

Our schools can provide many opportunities to assist students with student academic achievement.

  • Before and After School Program Opportunities
  • Tutoring Programs
  • Test Taking Skills for Elementary, Middle and High School Students
  • Counseling and Mentor Programs

Contact the school principal or guidance counselor for more information and opportunities.


Parental Leave

Parent involvement is an essential component of school success and positive student outcomes. NC Department of Labor’s Parental Leave stipulates that employers shall grant four hours per year leave to any employee who is a parent, guardian, or person standing in loco parentis of a school-aged child so that the employee may attend or otherwise be involved at that child’s school. 

  • The leave shall be at a mutually agreed upon time between the employer and the employee.
  • The employer may require an employee to provide the employer with a written request for the leave at least 48 hours before the time desired for the leave.
  • The employer may require that the employee furnish written verification from the child’s school that the employee attended was otherwise involved at that school during the time of the leave.

NC Department of Labor Parental Leave

Participate in School Decision-Making and Advocacy

Parents are encouraged to become full partners in the decisions that affect children and families. Cumberland County Schools provide many opportunities at the district level and individual school site for parent advisory involvement.

  • Attend School Board Meetings
  • Participate on The School Improvement Team (SIT) as a parent representative
  • Serve on the PTA or PTO Board
  • Join the School Parent Advisory Team
  • Represent your school at District Parent Advisory Team (D-PAT) Meetings.

Contact the school principal, School Improvement Team Chairperson PTA/PTO officers or Parent Facilitator for more information.

Student speaker at Town Hall MeetingInformation is available at the school to include but is not limited to the following upon request:

  • The School Improvement Plan
  • Qualifications of your child’s teacher
  • Professional development opportunities for teachers and assistants to ensure highly qualified personnel
  • Opportunities for parent involvement and input
  • The Cumberland County Schools Improvement Plan
  • The Cumberland County Title I Parent Involvement Plan and School Parent Involvement Plan
  • Cumberland County System Report Card
  • School Report Card

Contact your child’s principal or teacher for more information on what you as a parent can expect.

Participate as a Community Resource To Strengthen our Schools, Families, and Student Learning

  • Participate as a school business partner
  • Participate as a District Sponsor for various events
  • Become involved in the Communities In Schools Program 

Contact the school principal or the Cumberland County Schools Communication Department at 910.678.2303 for more information.

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Cumberland County Board of Education:

Find Your School:

Calendar Questions:


Facility Use:

Pre-K Programs:



General Questions:


  • Q1. Answer: Research the programs that we offer.  You can find extensive information on the Choice Website ( If you know which school you prefer, consider contacting the school office and ask to visit the school and meet with the principal. We also have printed information in a Choice Guide that is available in the Communications Office at Central Services. Once you have decided on a program and it has been determined that the school can accept applications, you will need to follow the application process.


  • Q2. Answer: We offer 6 programs in the elementary schools, five programs in the middle schools, and 16 in the high schools. You should investigate the program descriptions and locations of different programs on the Choice Website at


  • Q3. Answer: The Choice Fair is an annual event in late January where each school that offers a Choice Program and is accepting applications comes and shares information about their school and their program. Representatives from the schools are there to answer questions and talk one-on-one with parents and students.


  • Q4. Answer: The application process is handled by our Student Assignment Office. All applications must be mailed to the Student Assignment Office, postmarked no later than February 29. Applications for students who move into the district after February 1 will be accepted until June 1. Questions concerning your application should be directed to the Student Assignment Office at 910.678.2616.


  • Q5. Answer: Visit  the CCS’ Home page and click on Board of Education. You will find information about each Board member and the districts he/she serves. If you need further information, contact the CCS Central Services at 910.678.2300.


  • Q6. Answer: Call the Central Services (910.678.2300) and ask for contact information for the Board members.  You can also contact any member by clicking on “Board of Education” on the CCS’ Website. There is a direct e-mail link to each member as well as his/her telephone numbers.


  • Q7. Answer: Our Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Board agendas and minutes are posted on the CCS’ Website. You may access that information by clicking on the Board of Education button.


  • Q8. Answer: Visit the CCS’ Home page and click on a map of Cumberland County titled “Find Your School”. If you click on that map you can enter any street address in Cumberland County and find a listing of the schools to which your child could be assigned.


  • Q9. Answer: If you click on the High School District Map found in “Find Your School”, you will see all the schools that feed into the high school.


  • Q10. Answer: Visit the CCS’ Homepage. Under the Newcomers drop down menu visit the calendar page and you will find the upcoming graduation schedule.


  • Q11. Answer: Vacancies are posted on the Human Resources (HR) Website.


  • Q12. Answer: Our HR Department keeps applications for one year. If you are interested in a specific vacancy, you may want to call the office (910.678.2629) and request that your application be considered.


  • Q13. Answer: We have several schools that are designated as “Community Schools.” This means that our insurance covers the use of a facility for those groups and purposes beyond the normal school setting.  There is a contractual agreement for this process. Anyone interested should contact the Office of Auxiliary Services at 910.678.2305.


  • Q14. Answer: The CCS offers several Pre-K programs. The Federal Programs Department currently supports programs at 34 elementary schools. Our Exceptional Children Department also offers Pre-K opportunities for children who qualify for their services. Please check their websites for specific information and enrollment procedures or contact the Federal Programs Department at 910.678.2637 or Exceptional Children’s Department at 910.678.2430.


  • Q15. Answer: We have a Central Records Office that keeps all  records of CCS graduates. It is  located at the Operations Center at 810 Gillespie Street. You can also reach them at 910.678.2501.


  • Q16. Answer: In the event of threatening weather, the superintendent will try to make a decision regarding school operations by 5:00 a.m.  If there is a change in the normal school day, a call will go out to all homes as soon as the decision is made. In addition, information will be posted on the CCS’ Website and given to the local newspaper and various television and radio stations.

In the event that weather conditions require an early dismissal of school, notices will be sent to all the media outlets. Calls will be sent to all homes via the emergency message system to announce the change in schedule.


  • Q17. Answer: The first step in our procedure is to discuss your concern with the school administration. In the event that your issue is not resolved, and it concerns instruction or discipline, contact the Executive Director of Elementary Education (910.678.2417) or Executive Director of Secondary Education (910.678.2420),depending on the grade of your child. If they are not able to adequately address your concerns, you would call the Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction (910.678.2407).  Once these possibilities are exhausted, you could contact the Office of  the Superintendent. (910.678.2312).

If your concern is over an area of Operations (safety, transportation, child nutrition, facilities) you would again, contact the school principal first. If you need further discussion or assistance, contact the Associate Superintendent for Auxiliary Services (910.678.2305).


  • Q18. Answer: Students must attend the school in their home attendance area unless they receive special permission to attend a school in another area.  We have a policy (JBCCA-R: Voluntary Transfers within the Cumberland County Schools) which explains the circumstances under which a student may be considered for transfer as well as the process that must be followed. That policy can be found by clicking on the “Policy” link on the left side of the CCS homepage. Specific questions should be directed to the Student Assignment Office at 910.678.2616.


  • Q19. Answer: For the district, you may look on the right hand side of the CCS’ Homepage under Know the Facts. For testing information, student teacher ratio, ethnicity, you would check on the left hand side of each school website. The information can be found on the School Profile page. 


  • Q20. Answer: We do not post that information on the district Website. Different schools have different approaches to instruction; therefore, the supplies needed may vary. You should be able to find a supply list on the school website.  Supply lists can also be found on the Back-to-School Guide, posted at the beginning of each school year . If you have trouble finding what you need, contact your school office.


  • Q21. Answer: You should call the school office. An administrator should be on campus and available by phone until the last scheduled stop is made by all buses. 

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A report on Board action
Cumberland County Board of Education
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March 13, 2018 
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Cumberland County Board of Education
Fayetteville, North Carolina
November 12, 2014

The Cumberland County Board of Education met in regular session on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 6:30 p.m., in the Central Services Board Room, with the following board members present: Greg West, James McLauchlin, Larry Lancaster, Carrie Sutton, Susan Williams, Michael Boose Alicia Chisolm, and Kim Fisher.  (Absent: Macky Hall) Others present were Superintendent Frank Till, Associate Superintendents Tim Kinlaw, Betty Musselwhite, Ron Phipps, Ricky Lopes, Allison Violette, Joseph Locklear and Mary Black; Board Attorney David Phillips; media representative, representatives of the principals association, Ft. Bragg schools liaison, district PTA representative and representatives of the teacher assistants association.  
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