Academically/Intellectually Gifted Program
Carrie Childers, Coordinator
Phone: 910.678.2430
Fax: 910.678.2620
Health Services
Shirley Bolden, Director
Phone: 910.678.2406
Fax: 910.483.7835
Arts Education
Lydia Stewart, Supervisor
Phone: 910.678.2622
Fax: 910.678.2605
Human Resources
Ruben Reyes, Associate Superintendent
Phone: 910.678.2629
Fax: 910.678.2344
Vernon Aldridge, Director of Student Activities
Phone: 910.678.2445
Fax: 910.678.2612
Indian Education
Rodney Jackson, Coordinator
Phone: 910.678.2460
Fax: 910.678.2493
Auxiliary Services
Joe Desormeaux, Associate Superintendent
Phone: 910.678.2305
Fax: 910.678.2486
Internal Auditing
Christine Jumalon, MBA, CPA, Director
Phone: 910.678.2369
Fax: 910.678.2336
Beginning Teachers
Kari Grates, Beginning Teacher Support Coordinator
Phone: 910.678.8734
Fax: 910.678.2401
Media Services
Jody Hawley, Executive Director, Instructional Technology/Media Services
Phone: 910.678.2613
Fax: 910.678.2641
Board Attorney’s Office
Nickolas J. Sojka, Jr. Board Attorney
Phone: 910.678.2304
Fax: 910.678.2340
Military Connection
Joseph Peek, Military Family & Youth Liaison
Phone: 910.678.7008
Fax: 910.678.2617
Business Operations
Clyde Locklear, Associate Superintendent
Phone: 910.678.2350
Fax: 910.678.2553
Military Connected Student Support
Stefanie Shook, DoDEA Grants Project Director
Phone: 910.678.2454
Fax: 910.678.2493
Career and Technical Education
Chip Lucas, Executive Director
Phone: 910.678.2442
Fax: 910.678.2610
Donna Fields, Executive Director
Phone: 910.678.2565
Fax: 910.678.2642
Child Nutrition
Beth Maynard, Executive Director
Phone: 910.678.2502
Fax: 910.678.2542
H. Mark Whitley, Supervisor
Phone: 910.678.2342
Fax: 910.678.2642
Choice Programs
Melody Chalmers, Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 910.678.2450
Fax: None
Pre-Kindergarten Center
Patricia Eaton, PreK Coordinator
Phone: 910.483.7370
Fax: 910.910.483.7824
Career Pathways
Taneka Williams, Career Pathways Coordinator
Phone: 910.678.2416
Fax: 910.678.2610
Prime Time
Minda Fleishman, Director
Phone: 910.678.2451
Fax: 910.678.8887
Communications and Community Engagement
Lindsay Whitley, Associate Superintendent 
Phone: 910.678.2303
Fax: 910.678.2619
Professional Development
Dr. Theresa Perry, Director
Phone: 910.678.2536
Fax: 910.678.2598
Kristy Newitt, Counselors Coordinator
Phone: 910.678.2402
Fax: 910.678.2617
Psychological Services
Lisa Craver, Coordinator
Phone: 910.678.2438
Fax: 910.485.2769
Curriculum and Instructional Programs
Dr. Stacey Wilson-Norman, Chief Academic Officer
Phone: 910.678.2407
Fax: 910.678.2666
Safety and Security
Bruce Morrison, Director
Phone: 910.678.2488
Data and Accountability
Ron Phipps, Associate Superintendent
Phone: 910.829.4706
Fax: 910.829.4705

School Support Services
Betty Musselwhite, Associate Superintendent
Phone: 910.678.2495
Fax: 910.678.2330  
Driver Education
Henry Geddie, Associate Coordinator
Phone: 910.678.2526
Fax: 910.678.2535
Secondary Education
Dr. Jane Fields, Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 910.678.2420
Fax: 910.678.2666
Early-In Special Education Preschool
Sean Brost, Program Specialist
Phone: 910.484.6761
Fax: 910.484.6956
Social Work Services
Pamela Story, Coordinator
Phone: 910.678.2621
Fax: 910.678.2617
Elementary Education
Dr. Mellotta Hill, Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 910.678.2422
Fax: 910.678.2666
Student Assignment
Saundra McNeill, Manager
Phone: 910.678.2616
Fax: 910.678.2615
English as a Second Language
Deborah Wilkes, Coordinator
Phone: 910.484.1176
Fax: 910.483.6865
Student Services
Dr. Natasha Scott, Executive Director
Phone: 910.678.2433
Fax: 910.678.2617
Exceptional Children’s Services
Dr. Pamela Adams-Watkins, Executive Director
Phone: 910.678.2440
Fax: 910.678.2620
Student Support Services
Dr. Mary A. Black,  Associate Superintendent
Phone: 910.678.2423
Fax: 910.678.2493
Federal Programs
Alana W. Hix, Executive Director
Phone: 910.678.2637
Fax: 910.678.2493
Kevin Coleman, Executive Director
Phone: 910.678.2549
Fax: 910.678.2530
General Services
Melanie Dixon, Manager
Phone: 910.678.7083
Fax: 910.678.7093
Pamela Phelps. Textbook Coordinator
Phone: 910.678.2505
Fax: 910.678.2547

Sabrina Steigelman, Grants & Project Management Coordinator
Phone: 910.678-2797
Fax: 910.678.2598

Dianne Grumelot, Executive Director
Phone: 910.678.2581
Fax: 910.678.2359
Go Green Initiative
Gloria Lengel, Coordinator
Phone: 910.678.7046
Fax: 910.678.7043
World Language
Carmen Villalobos, World Language Curriculum Specialist
Phone: 910.678.7015
Fax: 910.678.2666
Published by Angel Hoggard on September 26, 2019

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