Board Meeting Minutes 9.10.19
Published by Angel Hoggard on October 9, 2019

Cumberland County Board of Education
Fayetteville, North Carolina
September 10, 2019

The Cumberland County Board of Education met in regular session on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, at 6:30 p.m., in the Central Services Board Room, with the following board members present:
Donna Vann, Alicia Chisolm, Porcha McMillan, Susan Williams, Carrie Sutton, Charles McKellar, Joe Sorce and Greg West. (Judy Musgrave was not in attendance tonight) Others present were Superintendent Marvin Connelly, Associate Superintendents, Mary Black, Ron Phipps, Clyde Locklear, Ruben Reyes, Betty Musselwhite, Lindsay Whitley, Joe Desormeaux and Stacey Wilson-Norman; Board Attorney Nick Sojka; representatives of the principals association, Ft. Bragg Liaison, district PTA representative, representatives of the NCAEOP, NAACP and representatives of the teacher assistants association.


Chairman Donna Vann called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Our Pledge of Allegiance was led by Joe Sorce, followed with the invocation by Donna Vann.


The Board RECOGNIZED Student Representatives Morgan Jordan, Student Government representative from Cumberland International Early College and Jamiya Burke, Student Government Representative from Cumberland Polytechnic High School. Morgan and Jamiya were given the opportunity to address the Board on a topic of their choice.

The Board RECOGNIZED Selima Simms as the Extra Mile Award Winner for this month.



One citizen spoke tonight: Carmela McKellar-Smith 


Item 5.10 was pulled from the CONSENT AGENDA at the request of Porcha McMillan.

Upon a motion by Greg West, seconded by Charles McKellar, the agenda, with item 5.10 pulled, was adopted unanimously by the Board members present.

5. Chairman Donna Vann called for a motion to APPROVE the CONSENT AGENDA.

Upon motion by Greg West, seconded by Susan Williams, the Consent Agenda was unanimously approved by the Board members present – with item 5.10 pulled and moved to the DISCUSSION AGENDA.

5.01 CONSIDER Approval of the Minutes of the August 13, 2019 Board Meeting
5.02 CONSIDER Approval of Release of Certain Students
5.03 CONSIDER Approval of Personnel as recommended by the Personnel Committee
5.04 CONSIDER Approval of Leaves of Absence and Special Leaves of Absence as recommended by the Personnel Committee
5.05 CONSIDER Approval of USSOCOM Care Coalition Initiative – Warrior Care Internship Program as recommended by the Personnel Committee
5.06 CONSIDER Approval of Capital Planning Assumptions as recommended by the Auxiliary Services Committee
5.07 CONSIDER Approval to allow Dr. Connelly, along with County Manager and Community members, to create a Task Force to study the feasibility of a new E.E. Smith High School as recommended by the Auxiliary Services Committee
5.08 CONSIDER Approval of Agreement between Cumberland County Health Dept and CCS Board of Education for fourteen (14) permanent nurses as recommended by the Student Support Services Agenda
5.09 CONSIDER Approval of Agreement between Communities in Schools (CIS) and CCS Board of Education as recommended the Student Support Services Committee
5.10 *** Moved to DISCUSSION Agenda*** CONSIDER Approval of New / Revised Policies as recommended by the Board (Second Reading)
5.11 CONSIDER Approval of 2019 Local Government Agencies General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule as recommended by the Policy Committee
5.12 CONSIDER Approval of MOU 2020-2023 NC Works Career Coach as recommended by the Curriculum Committee


6. DISCUSSION AGENDA: Auxiliary Services Committee Report – Porcha McMillan

7. DISCUSSION AGENDA: Student Services Committee Report – Susan Williams

8. DISCUSSION AGENDA: Budget/Finance Committee Report – Greg West

9. DISCUSSION AGENDA: Policy Committee Report – Judy Musgrave

10. DISCUSSION AGENDA: Curriculum Committee Report – Alicia Chisolm 
10.01 CONSIDER Approval of New / Revised Policies as recommended by the Board (Second Reading) *** this item was moved from CONSENT agenda *** Porcha McMillan suggested Policy 3405 include greater detail referencing HB 237 and accompanying DPI resources. Discussion followed. Greg West made a motion to approve the New/Revised Policies excluding Policy 3405. Susan Williams seconded the motion and the Board approved by the following vote:
Voting in favor of approval of the New/Revised Policies excluding Policy 3405: West, Williams, Chisolm, Vann, Sorce, Sutton and McKellar.
Voting against: McMillan

11. DISCUSSION AGENDA: Personnel Committee Report – Carrie Sutton

12. DISCUSSION AGENDA: Legislative Committee Report – Charles McKellar


Donna Vann opened the floor for discussion of the Board Member Code of Ethics.
Charles McKellar shared that he feels the Code of Ethics is poorly written and should be rewritten or improved.
Susan Williams shared her research on the Code of Ethics from surrounding county Boards of Education.
Porcha McMillan stated she feels the obligation to the Code of Ethics was fulfilled by taking the Oath of Office.
Other Board members shared their concerns that the Code of Ethics follow General statutes which cannot be changed or rewritten.


14.01 Superintendent’s Update – Dr. Marvin Connelly
Dr. Connelly shared the wonderful news that our graduation rate is the highest in CCS’ history. He attributes the success to the hard work of our students, staff and community partners. He recognized that we still have a lot of work to do. Our leadership team is focusing on equitable outcomes for all students and we are investing in high-quality curriculum resources, professional development and tiered support structure to allocate resources where they are most needed.

Dr. Connelly congratulated our educators recognized at the Premier Professionals Gala and thanked the Board for their support.

In closing, Dr. Connelly thanked our wonderful staff members for a successful opening of school and shared that we are blessed to live and work in such a giving and committed community. Dr. Connelly presented a video of the first day of traditional calendar school, highlighting the incredible community support we have in Cumberland County.

14.02 Board Members’ Update
Alicia Chisolm shared that she recently attended a district meeting at EE Smith High School. She commended the administration for their work and looks forward to hearing more success stories.

Susan Williams commended Dr. Mary Black for her work with ‘Pride Pack’. Her work is making a great difference in the lives of many young people in our community.

14.03 Chairman’s Update
Reaffirming Dr. Connelly’s comments, on behalf of the Board of Education, Mrs. Vann thanked everyone for a safe start to another exciting school year. We appreciate what you do every day for the children of Cumberland County.

Mrs. Vann thanked our representatives and citizens for attending tonight’s meeting and reminded everyone that our next regular Board Meeting will be held on October 8, 2019.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next month.

14.04 ADJOURNMENT – With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:47 p.m.

Dr. Marvin Connelly, Superintendent


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