‘Amazing Acts of Character’ for April 2019
Published by Angel Hoggard on May 16, 2019

Amazing Acts of Character Students for April 2019Fayetteville – Each month through Cumberland County Schools’ Amazing Acts of Character recognition program, schools are asked to nominate students who display character above and beyond expected behavior.

Five students were recently selected from individual school nominations for displaying ‘amazing acts of character’ and were recognized during the Cumberland County Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, April 9 at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room of CCS’ Central Services building:

Aiyanna Campbell, 8th grader at Mac Williams Middle School (MWMS)
According to MWMS Counselor Franceda Herbin, a recent “quick and brave act” of the 14 year old prevented her classmate from, quite possibly, getting severely hurt. Herbin said that on March 27 one of their students had a seizure during class. Aiyanna was sitting next to the student and noticed that he was about to fall to the ground and possibly hit his head on the floor. Quickly, Aiyanna grabbed him to make sure he did not fall. Then, their teacher assisted her in safely lowering him to the floor. “Even though this situation was very scary for her, Aiyanna was able to think
quickly about the well-being of someone else and do whatever was necessary to help him,” said Herbin. “Aiyanna’s actions were above and beyond expected caring behavior. She displayed an amazing act of character.”

Jines Palacios, 8th grader at Spring Lake Middle School (SLMS) –
SLMS Social Worker Denise Melton said the 14 year old “has the amazing gift of being kind to everyone he meets.”
Anytime there is a new student on his team, he is the first person to introduce himself, sit down next to them, and make them feel welcomed. Melton especially noticed this recently when two new students enrolled. The first student is from Vietnam and speaks very little English. “That did not stop Jines from flashing his infectious smile and sitting right next to him,” said Melton. Jines made sure the student got to class and sat with him at lunch. When the second student arrived, Jines did the same. According to Melton, now every day, ‘the three musketeers’ come together, sit together, and eat together. Recently, she thanked Jines for being such a wonderful human
being and asked him why he goes out of his way to help all the new students.” Melton said Jines’ reply was simple: “It’s the right thing to do and I would want someone to be nice to me if I was the new kid!”

Jak’Yah Bozier, junior at Westover High School (WOHS) –
WOHS Assistant Principal Michele Miller said Jak’Yah’s high level of caring and responsibility helped prevent what could have been a tragic situation recently. One afternoon after dismissal, upon boarding the bus, Jak’Yah noticed that there was something wrong with the way her bus driver looked. She immediately notified school personnel on the bus parking lot that her bus driver was “not acting himself.” School personnel quickly sought out the driver and noticed that the driver was weak and were able to notify first responders in a timely manner. According to Miller, the driver was not aware that he had pneumonia and his blood pressure had risen quickly. “As a result, Jak’Yah helped prevent what could have been a tragic situation in regards to the safety of the students and driver of the bus,” said Miller.

Kathy Ladrillono and Tyler Goad, juniors at Pine Forest High School (PFHS) –
Academy of Emergency Medical Science Director Michelle Quinn said that Kathy and Tyler recently participated in a job shadowing opportunity in the Pharmacy Department on the campus of Fayetteville Technical Community College. While boarding their bus at the end of the visit, their chaperone, Career and Technical Education Facilitator Brigitte Anderson, fell and broke her ankle. Quinn said that while others were on the bus calling 911, Kathy and Tyler noticed that she had suffered a compound fracture, where bone was exposed. “Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the duo noticed that an ambulance was fortuitously parked behind the bus and notified the EMTs in the ambulance of their chaperone’s broken bones,” said Quinn. She said their quick thinking led to prompt medical attention for Anderson, who later needed surgery. “As an educator, it is not every day that you have an opportunity to witness the evidence of your instruction by your students in a real-life situation,” said Quinn. “It is even more exciting when you realize that what they learned and put to use actually made a difference in someone else’s life! It is comforting to know that the future of health care and medicine are in good hands!”

The Amazing Acts of Character Committee selects winners based on school nominations. The winners are then recognized at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education, where they are presented a special trophy and certificate.


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