‘Amazing Acts of Character’ for January, February 2019
Published by Angel Hoggard on March 14, 2019

Amazing Act (January & February 2019) - Carlson, Harris-Willette, MixonFayetteville – Each month through Cumberland County Schools’ Amazing Acts of Character recognition program, schools are asked to nominate students who display character above and beyond expected behavior. Three students were recently selected from individual school nominations for displaying ‘amazing acts of character’ and were recognized during the Cumberland County Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, March 12 at 6:30 p.m.

January 2019
Elizabeth Harris-Willette, 4 th grader at Stoney Point Elementary School (SPES) –
According to SPES Counselor Deborah Martin and Social Worker Ashley Garrett, Elizabeth “always wants what is best for others and is keen on making sure their basic needs are met on a daily basis.” This was seen when recently, the nine year old and her mother were visiting a family friend’s house when it was extremely cold outside. Elizabeth was waiting in the car. Her mother was on the friend’s porch knocking at the door when suddenly her mother began falling to the ground. Martin and Garrett said that “Elizabeth recognized her mom was experiencing complications because of the frigid temperatures and her health.” The fourth grader called 911 and took care of her mother until EMS arrived. She was even able to explain to them the situation. “Elizabeth always puts others first and even arranges to get her homework done before she goes home so that she can take care of her family,” said Martin and Garrett. “While most young lady’s [her age] are focused on themselves, Elizabeth is focused on her family and friends. She has strong work ethic and knows that to be part of a family you have to help out when the need arises.”

February 2019
Danielle Carlson, 1 st grader at Raleigh Road Elementary School (RRES) –
According to Danielle’s teachers, Jasmine Ridgway and Donna Woods, the six year old is a caring and compassionate child. Recently, while walking laps around the playground, Danielle noticed a schoolmate that she did not know who appeared to be sad. Ridgway and Woods said that Danielle approached the little girl to ask her what was wrong. She told Danielle that she had gotten into trouble and did not have any friends. “As they walked around the playground, Danielle explained to her that sometimes we make mistakes, but we can always fix them and do better,” said Ridgway and Woods. “She told her that she doesn’t always make good choices either and that it was okay and they could be friends.” The teachers said the little girl was so happy about her conversation with Danielle that she told one of her teachers. “Danielle is always thinking of others and trying to be the best person that she can be,” said Ridgway and Woods. “Her positive attitude and caring heart shine through each and every day!”

Nasir Mixon, 8 th grader at South View Middle School (SVMS) –
Nasir’s teacher, April Scammahorn, said the 13 year old recently “presented himself as a true citizen of South View Middle School by taking responsibility” for immediately reporting to the administration an incident that could have threatened the safety of those at school. Mid-year, Nasir moved from Philadelphia and joined the SVMS family. His teachers said that he is a pleasure to teach and they have been impressed with how quickly he has made friends and become ‘the model citizen.’

The Amazing Acts of Character Committee selects winners based on school nominations. The winners are then recognized at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education, where they are presented a special trophy and certificate.


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