Board Meeting Minutes: 3.13.18
Published by Laurie Pender on April 11, 2018

Cumberland County Board of Education
Fayetteville, North Carolina
March 13, 2018

The Cumberland County Board of Education met in regular session on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 6:30 p.m., in the Central Services Board Room, with the following board members present: Susan Williams, Carrie Sutton, Peggy Hall, Donna Vann, Porcha McMillan, Greg West, Alicia Chisolm, Judy Musgrave and Rudy Tatum. Others present were Superintendent Tim Kinlaw, Associate Superintendents Ron Phipps, Clyde Locklear, Ruben Reyes, Betty Musselwhite and Mary Black; Board Attorney Nick Sojka; representatives of the principals association, media representative, district PTA representative, representatives of the NCAEOP and representatives of the teacher assistants association. 

Chairman Carrie Sutton called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Our Pledge of Allegiance was led by Judy Musgrave, followed by the invocation by Carrie Sutton.

The Board RECOGNIZED Student Representatives Katie Hawkes, Student Government representative from Gray’s Creek High School and Sophia Spangler, Student Government Representative from Massey Hill High School. Katie and Sophia were given the opportunity to address the Board on a topic of their choice.

The Board RECOGNIZED Amazing Acts of Character recipient Gabriella Gordon from College Lakes Elementary School

The Board RECOGNIZED State Champion Student-Athletes:

Zinzili Kelley – Douglas Byrd High – 3A Indoor Track Long Jump State Champion – Coach: Robert Freeman
Cape Fear – Dallas Wilson – 3A 132lb state wrestling champion – Coach: Heath Wilson
Cape Fear – Mike Vernagallo – 3A 160lb state wrestling champion, Mike is a 2X state champion – Coach: Heath Wilson
Pine Forest – Daniel Peede – 4A 152lb state wrestling champion – Coach: Charles Daniels

The Board RECOGNIZED Wells Fargo Outstanding Educator Award Winners:
            Elementary – Brandy Powers
            Secondary – Michelle Quinn
            Administrative – Tonjai Robertson


The Board heard from two speakers during the Public Forum portion of the meeting:

Tracey Natale              Carmella McKeller-Smith

Upon a motion by Donna Vann, seconded by Judy Musgrave, the agenda as presented was adopted unanimously by the Board.

Chairman Carrie Sutton called for a motion to approve the CONSENT AGENDA.

Upon motion by Greg West, seconded by Judy Musgrave, the following Consent Agenda items were approved unanimously by the Board:

a) CONSIDER Approval of the Minutes of the February 13, 2018 Board Meeting
b) CONSIDER Approval of Release of Certain Students 
c) CONSIDER Approval of Personnel as recommended by the Personnel Committee 
d) CONSIDER Approval of Leaves of absence as recommended by the Personnel Committee 
e) CONSIDER Approval of Title I Recruitment and Incentive Framework as recommended by the Personnel Committee 
f) CONSIDER Approval of Extension of Large Kitchen Equipment Repair Service Contract for 1 additional year as recommended by the Auxiliary Services Committee
g) CONSIDER Approval of Community Child Abuse Prevention Plan as recommended by the Student Support Services Committee 
h) CONSIDER Approval of Budget Amendments as recommended by the Finance Committee 
i) CONSIDER Approval of Auditor’s Contract as recommended by the Finance Committee 


DISCUSSION AGENDA: Curriculum Committee Report – Judy Musgrave

6.01 CONSIDER Approval of Proposed Calendar

Upon a motion by Rudy Tatum, seconded by Porcha McMillan, the Proposed Calendars were approved unanimously by the Board as presented 

DISCUSSION AGENDA: Personnel Committee Report – Susan Williams

  • CONSIDER Approval of Superintendent’s Recommendation of Dismissal

Upon a motion by Susan Williams, seconded by Porcha McMillan, the Recommendation of Dismissal was approved unanimously by the Board. 

DISCUSSION AGENDA: Auxiliary Services Committee Report – Rudy Tatum

  • CONSIDER Approval of School Watch Program

Upon a motion by Susan Williams, seconded by Alicia Chisolm, the School Watch Program was approved unanimously by the Board. (Exhibit K)

DISCUSSION AGENDA: Student Services Committee Report – Alicia Chisolm

DISCUSSION AGENDA: Budget Committee Report – Greg West

10.01 CONSIDER Closed Session Pursuant to N.C.G.S. 143-318.11(a)(3) to consult with our attorney in order to preserve the attorney-client privilege between our attorney and this Board
Greg West made a motion to go into Closed Session at 7:12 pm. The motion was seconded by Peggy Hall and approved unanimously by the Board.
Donna Vann made a motion to come out of Closed Session at 7:38 pm. The motion was seconded by Peggy Hall and approved unanimously by the Board.
No action was taken in Closed Session.

DISCUSSION AGENDA: Policy Committee Report – Peggy Hall

DISCUSSION AGENDA: Legislative Committee Report – Porcha McMillan




Superintendent’s Update:

Mr. Kinlaw stated all of his update items were included on the Consent Agenda

Chairman’s Update:

Ms. Sutton thanked our Student Officers and citizens for attending our meeting this evening and invited everyone to our next meeting on April 10, 2018. Ms. Sutton also wished everyone a Happy Easter.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.


  Tim Kinlaw, Superintendent


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