Board Action: 1.9.18
Published by Laurie Pender on December 13, 2017

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A report on Board action
Cumberland County Board of Education
Regular Meeting
January 9, 2018 

Administrative Recommendations Approved

Assistant Principals
Brentwood Elementary                          Ebonique Ingram

College Lakes Elementary                    Rachel Robinson

Ed V. Baldwin, Jr. Elementary              Stephanie Matarese

R. Max Abbott Middle                           Scott Witherow

Central Services
Board Attorney                                     Nickolas J. Sojka, Jr.

Recognition of Ex-Officio Members
Student Government leaders Nia Washington from Douglas Byrd High School and Wade Williams from Cape Fear High School served as ex-officio members of the Cumberland County Board of Education. Ex-officio members are given the opportunity to make comments, ask questions, and give input on any topic brought before the Board.

Alternate Use of Funding Allocation Approved
Because of the lack of qualified-applicant interest in four additional school nurses positions for the 2017-2018 school year, the Board voted to use the allocated funds for the positions in an alternate way. Members of the Board approved a proposal that would use a portion of the funds allocated for one of the positions to extend many 35-hour nurses to 40 hours for the remainder of the school year thereby increasing much-needed service hours to the assigned schools. The three other positions remain available. The Cumberland County Department of Public Health worked to attract and recruit qualified nurses by advertising on the Cumberland County Website, the Public Health Alliance Website, the local newspaper, an electronic billboard, the agency’s Facebook page, and on the Health Department’s electronic marquee (facing Ramsey Street).

Board Recognitions

Betty Musselwhite, the associate superintendent of School Support Services, introduced the following honorees to the Board to be recognized:

Board of Education

Carrie Sutton
District #3

Donna Van
District #4

Judy Musgrave

Rudy Tatum

Greg West

Alicia Chisolm
District #1

Porcha McMillan
District #2

Susan Williams
District #5

Peggy Hall
District #6

Interim Superintendent
Tim Kinlaw


December’s 2017 Amazing Acts of Character Award Recipient – Student Honoree Kellen McNeill from South View Middle School was recognized for displaying ‘acts of good character’ above and beyond expected behavior. Members of the Board extended personal congratulations to Kellen.

Burroughs Wellcome Fund Check Recipients – Alfred Mays, the program officer for Science Education and Diversity in Science at Burroughs Wellcome Fund, presented Principals Dawn Collins from Gallberry Farm Elementary, Katrina McKinnon from Gray’s Creek Elementary, and Tim Gardner from Alderman Road Elementary schools with a $130,000 check for ongoing support in the schools’ efforts to begin Phase 2 of the Singapore Math Pilot.

Board Chair Carrie Sutton extended ‘words of thanks’ on behalf of the Board to the students and staff at Westarea Elementary School and the members of the Cumberland County Association of Principals and Assistant Principals (CCAPAP) for their tokens of appreciation in observance of School Board Appreciation Month (January).



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