Students Recognized for Displaying Amazing Acts of Character
Published by Laurie Pender on May 10, 2017
Cumberland County Schools' students recognized for displaying Amazing Acts of Character

(Kyle Jones, Euraja Anderson)

The Amazing Acts of Character Recognition Program celebrates Cumberland County Schools’ students who meritoriously display an act of good character that goes above and beyond expected pleasant behavior.  Beginning January 2017, each month, all nominees receive a certificate recognizing their act by the Counselor Coordinator.  In addition, a multidisciplinary Central Services Committee may recommend an elementary, middle and/or high school winner to the School Board, and the students are invited to attend the Board of Education meeting.

This month there were two students who were introduced to the board members and received a trophy.  

Kyle Jones, a kindergartener at Alma Easom Elementary School (AEES)According to Kyle’s teacher, Brenda Bolton, the six-year-old recently showed “great responsibility and compassion” for someone who had fallen ill. Bolton said Kyle was home alone with his grandmother when she suddenly became unresponsive. Knowing that he needed to get assistance, Kyle quickly dialed 9-1-1. “With the guidance of the 911 operator, Kyle was able to help assess the situation for them and provide the information needed to get immediate assistance for his grandmother,” said Bolton.

Euraja Anderson, a senior at E.E. Smith High School (EESHS)EESHS Principal Melody Chalmers said that 17-year-old Euraja has observed 9th-grade female students having difficulty transitioning and decided to do something about it. According to Chalmers, Euraja observed the girls respond negatively to peer pressure by acting out in class, being disrespectful toward their peers and adults, and not focusing on academics. Euraja had similar experiences as a 9th grader and was concerned that many of the students lacked self-esteem so she developed a plan. Chalmers said she approached the assistant principal with the idea of hosting a Girls’ Night In to promote positive self-awareness, healthful living, appropriate communication skills, and positive relationships. Euraja expanded the concept to include three Saturday morning sessions for all 9th-grade females that are led by teachers and facilitated by upperclassmen peer mentors, under Euraja’s leadership. According to Chalmers, the first session included teambuilding, goal-setting, and role-playing activities. Euraja has planned future sessions which include Zumba, meditation, and yoga.  “Euraja created a plan to address a need she observed in school,” said Chalmers. “She persevered despite obstacles that could have prevented her from reaching her goal. She was determined to make this vision a reality for the benefit of the 9th-grade females at our school and committed her time and effort to create this unique program for her peers.” 

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