Students Recognized for Displaying Amazing Acts of Character
Published by Bobbi Jo Pova on March 16, 2017

Amazing Acts of Character-February Recipients : Ja’Ciel Smith, Evelyn Hartman, Elizabeth AbernathyThe Amazing Acts of Character Recognition Program celebrates Cumberland County Schools’ students who meritoriously display an act of good character that goes above and beyond expected pleasant behavior.  Beginning January 2017, each month, all nominees receive a certificate recognizing their act by the Counselor Coordinator.  In addition, a multidisciplinary Central Services Committee may recommend an elementary, middle and/or high school winner to the School Board, and the students are invited to attend the Board of Education meeting.

This month there were three students who were introduced to the board members and received a trophy.  

The February 2017 honorees are as follows:

Ja’Ciel Smith, a first-grader at E.E. Miller Elementary School (EEMES)According to EEMES Counselor Dr. Dawn Holt, the seven-year-old recently “showed accountability for his actions above and beyond a typical first-grade student.” Ja’Ciel thought he had lost his library book. “Being responsible, he brought in the money to pay for his lost book,” said Dr. Holt. Subsequently, the school’s media coordinator found the book on a shelf and issued a refund to Ja’Ciel, but called his home to report that the book had been found. Dr. Holt said Ja’Ciel’s mother had no knowledge of the fact that her son had even lost a book. After further inquiry, Ja’Ciel reported that he had taken the money from his own piggy bank to pay for the lost book because he wanted to ‘do the right thing.’ “He showed great personal responsibility in working through an existing problem, choosing an appropriate response, and following through …” said Dr. Holt.  

Elizabeth Abernathy & Evelyn Hartman, third graders at Stoney Point Elementary School (SPES) – The eight-year-olds’ teachers and the counselor said that over the winter break both girls came up with the idea to help raise awareness and money for children who are fighting cancer. They decided to establish a GoFundMe account for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Elizabeth and Evelyn recorded a video of themselves sharing their idea and goal that was posted on their parents’ Facebook pages. The girls also created a flyer and speech that was shared during their door-to-door visits throughout their neighborhood. According to their teachers and counselor, Elizabeth and Evelyn met their $300 goal within a few days. In an Amazing Acts of Character nomination application, the educators wrote: “They [Elizabeth & Evelyn] showed care and concern for children at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. They were excited to help those who are less fortunate and spent hours raising money and awareness. Elizabeth and Evelyn are two amazing little girls with enormously large hearts.”



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