CCS Recognizes First Champion for Children Award Winners
Published by Laurie Pender on January 11, 2017

Image of the first recipients of the Champion for Children Award.At Board Members’ request, the Cumberland County Schools (CCS) invited Mrs. Porter and DJ Batise come and speak to all of our school staffs for the 2016-2017 kick off in August. Their story is one of how an educator can change a child’s life forever. In the Q & A part of the presentation, Mrs. Porter was asked how she was celebrated in her district for this work. Sadly, she was not. In Cumberland County Schools, we have those educators who make the difference every day. Dr. Till wanted to find a way to make certain that these educators are recognized and celebrated. He tasked the Innovation Council with the nomination, selection, and recognition process. The CCS was pleased to recognize the first honorees of the CCS’ Champion for Children Award at the January 10 School Board meeting.They are:

Delores Bell and Jackie Brown – Instructional Assistants at South View Middle School. “Ms. Bell and Ms. Brown are Instructional Assistant in a SED class at South View Middle School. They saw the need to build a mentoring program in which students would serve as mentors for other students. The program is called Go MAD (Make A Difference). They along wrote a grant for $2500 to United Stock and Trust through United Way to support the program. They also solicited community sponsors and used their own money to help build this program.  They provide activities for students after school in which leaders and positive role models from the community come in and speak with the students. These ladies believe that we should not just sit back and talk about what is not going right, but put things in action and make a difference.”

Mr. Grady “Cliff” Lovick, Custodian at District 7 Elementary School – This is what was said by the individual who nominated Mr. Lovick: “Mr. Lovick is a mentor to many students at District 7. He is called on to assist teachers when they know his presence can help get a student back on track. Mr. Lovick does this with no fanfare and with no recognition. We need more Mr. Lovick’s in our schools!”

Dr. Sheldon Harvey, Principal of Lewis Chapel MS – This is what was said by the individuals nominating Dr. Shelvey: “Not only is Dr. Harvey a strong instructional leader, he truly cares about each and every person (students and staff) in his building. He reaches out to his school community in various ways, encouraging parents and helping them feel comfortable as they take part in their child’s education. He has created a school culture that is similar to a family atmosphere. As a strong relationship builder, he exemplifies the essence of a true leader.”

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