13-14 Report Card Message from the Superintendent

Superintendent, Dr. Frank Till

Dr. Frank Till Jr.

The State of North Carolina has moved to a program of giving schools grades. Like Cumberland County, it has set a high bar for student achievement. You will receive your child’s school grade. The first year of grading needs to be looked at as a  starting point. As a district, we’ve done well compared to other districts. Our district had 89% of our schools to meet or exceed expected growth.

The Cumberland County Board of Education has also adopted new strategic goals that are bold and will set the course of our district for the next four years. It will require us to look at everything. The goals are measurable and we will give progress reports to the community. You will find a video of our Board of Education members highlighting the new goals on our Website. We will be initiating a quality process to make the needed changes to increase student learning. Our motto of True North: Committed to Growth for Every Child will be emphasized.

As parents, you have a role to play in your child’s education. We have several ways to communicate with you so that you can be more involved. Our current systems allow us to e-mail, text, or call you at various phone numbers; however, I hope we won’t have to call you as much this year because of snow days that lead to the cancellation of school and afterschool activities. If you haven’t signed up to access the parent portal, please contact your child’s school. The site administrator will provide you with a password. It will allow you access to confidential information on your child such as grades and attendance.

In the Cumberland County Schools, we recognize the change and are making adjustments. This school year will see the refreshing of technology that was implemented in schools four years ago. We will provide more computers for students and do more online. The Common Core will be studied at the state level and the changes will occur in 2016. I’ve included a link to State Superintendent Dr. June Atkinson’s message for you to hear the direction of the state.

We will also be starting an initiative to get more volunteers in schools. We will make available to the public an opportunity to mentor in our schools or with supportive agencies. Visit the Community Volunteer Services Website to find numerous volunteer opportunities in our district.

I’m optimistic that together, as a county, we can make a difference for our children. It has been said that we are preparing our children for a world that we can’t imagine.

Thank you for supporting our children.

Dr. Frank Till Jr.

Published by Laurie Pender on December 11, 2014

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